Office is a very addictive and entertaining game.

Test your reflexes and speed with this simple and fun game of Inputs and Outputs.
In the offices of Neda Games, many people come to work, you must pay attention to the people who are authorized to enter and leave, you are the Security Guard.

Game instructions:
- You should pay attention to the people that you enter to work, assuring you that they are authorized to enter and leave the offices of Neda Games.
- You have four readers, two input and two output.
- When the characters approach the reader, the reader will change color, being red if it is not authorized to enter or exit or change to green if it is authorized at the exit and entrance.
- You must click on the character that has not authorized the exit and entry,
- You should not click on the character that has authorized entry and exit.
- Be careful with the intruders, because they will try to strain and leave the offices, this character will not enter the entrance or exit.
- The intruder that you do not give him and leave the offices or enter the offices, you will lose.
- When you accumulate three exits or entrances of the characters, who do not have allowed access to the entrance or exit of the offices, you will lose.
- If the hits go down to more than -3 you will lose.
- To pass the level you will have to draw at least 50%, but do not make mistakes with the characters who, if they have access, because if you do not deduct a hit and your percentage drops, you will have 100 seconds per level.
- Each level you overcome, the game will be complicated.

Game features:
- Unlimited levels.
- Eight characters and an intruder.
- Two exit readers.
- Two entry readers.
- Time bar.
- Action game with exciting sounds, animations and catchy music.

Office Google Play.

Office Amazon.


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