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Sihaus is a very addictive and entertaining game. Get ready to touch the buttons and match the tiles, with the stars and the sphere of your same color. Train your mental agility and coordination with Sihaus. Game instructions: Sihaus has three types of game, (easy game, average game and difficult game), each game mode has its particularity explained later. Easy Game: - You have 90 seconds, to do the greatest number of hits. - When the game begins, stars with colored spheres will be placed in different positions of the screen. - You have four buttons at the bottom of the screen, so when the chips of different colors begin to come out, you have to touch the corresponding button, when the tab is on top of the same color sphere, to get hits. - Prevents the tab from touching the color button, otherwise it will count as a fault. Average game: The same as the easy game, but this time the buttons will change position, prevent the color chips from coming out of the b