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Duel is a very addictive and entertaining game. Get ready for the duels and be the fastest in the west. Game instructions: - Picture ready for mourning, touch the ready button and start the countdown, when it finishes, stay tuned to the screen or sound that will tell you that you can shoot, but do not anticipate because if you do not fail and already You will not be able to shoot and you will lose the duel. - Get three duels to pass level. - Touch any screen pate to shoot. Characteristics of the game: - Unlimited levels. - Landscape and Landscape Flipped. - As you go through levels the gunmen will become faster. - Action game with exciting sounds, effects and catchy music. Duel Google Play . Duel Amazon .


Másk, a very addictive and entertaining game. Get ready to avoid the things that Mask throws you and rescue the princess. Game instructions: - Get ready to climb the stairs to rescue your princess. - At all levels you have hammers to destroy enemies, but be careful as soon as you touch the stairs you will lose the hammer, not being able to climb with the hammer down the stairs. - Be careful when you are on the stairs because you will lose the hammer and you will not be able to jump. - Try to destroy the enemies, dodge them or jump them to be able to rescue your princess, but do not delay because you have 100 seconds to rescue her. - If the time comes to an end and you can not rescue the princess you will lose a life. - Watch out for the enemy flames, because they will follow you all over the level or you may get out of the level, to follow you, stay tuned. - You have three lives, when you lose them you will have to start again from the beginning