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Chained is a very addictive and entertaining game. Prepare to place the ball and produce a chain reaction. Game instructions: - you have to place the ball before 15 seconds, if the countdown reaches zero, you will lose. - Place the ball in the position of the screen you want, as long as you release that position and do not touch the edges, do not touch the ball to move it or position it in the place you touch it. - Once the ball is positioned, if the other balls collide with the ball that you have placed, a chain will be produced. - to pass the level, you will have to get the balls that the game indicates. - Once you overcome the 12 levels of the easy difficulty, you will unlock the 12 levels of medium difficulty and so on, up to the difficult level. Game features: - 36 levels (12 levels for difficulty). - 12 different ball colors. - Game with exciting sounds, animations and catchy music. Knives   Google Play . Kniv