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Baby Pig

Baby Pig is a very addictive and entertaining game. Get ready to jump and dodge obstacles and catch all the diamonds. Game instructions: - You have to go skipping Baby Pig, avoiding obstacles and picking up the diamonds, depending on the game mode. - Touch any part of the screen to make Baby Pig jump. - Do not touch the screen and Baby Pig will fall. - Avoid touching the edges of the screen or you will lose. - Take all the diamonds and you do not escape any, as you escape some, you will lose. - Do not touch the obstacles (pipes and mountains) or you will lose. Game Features: - Four game modes. - Button to change color the background and obstacles (mountains and pipes). - two types of obstacles (mountains and pipes). - Saved the highest score for each mode of the game. - Button erased from the highest score, in all game modes. - Portrait, flipped portrait, landscape and flipped landscape. - Action game with exciting sounds, animations and catchy mu