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Couples is a very addictive and entertaining game. Prepare to find the couple as quickly as possible, there is only one. Game instructions: - Try to locate the couple, from the figures below, as quickly as possible. - When you start the game you will see a larger figure, this being the figure you have to locate, of all the figures that appear below, only having one. - Be quick to locate the couple or spend time. - When you hit the corresponding pair, you will increase five seconds, as long as the life bar is less than 100 seconds. - If you make a mistake with the figure, you will lose three seconds. - You have 100 seconds, to locate as many couples as you can. - When you accumulate three errors, the game will end. - You have three types of games (levels, timeless and random). Game features: - Unlimited levels. - twenty five different figures. - Three game modes. - Pause button. - Different score, for the three types of games. - One hundred seco