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Bebol is a very addictive and entertaining game. Prepare to turn the balls in both directions and avoid the collision with the bricks. Game instructions: - Move the balls in both directions to avoid collision with the bricks. - When you collide with one of the balls, with a brick, the game will end. - You have three shields to use, when you press on the button of the shield, the shield will activate for three seconds, concluding the time, the protection of the shield will end. - When collisions with a brick and the shield is activated, the activation of the shield will end. - You also have three explosions, which you can use, when you do not know which side to turn, you can cause the explosions by destroying the bricks of the screen. - You can play by touching the screen, to turn the balls, depending on the side of the screen you touch, you will turn the balls to one side or the other. - You can play also, with the virtual buttons to tour the balls. - You can