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Television is a very addictive and entertaining game. Prepare to tune the images of the televisions with the chosen channel. Game instructions: Television, visual memory game and mental quickness. - You have to tune all the televisions with the image of the same channel and do it in the shortest time, to overcome the standard 15 seconds, in the time game mode. - Play against Anom and try to tune all the channels before Anom. - You can select the types of channels you want, you can choose between 8, you can also do it at random, that Anom chooses, by clicking on the dice. - Click on the images to tune the television, the images will change, until you tune the image with the channel that has been chosen, are the televisions that are flashing. - At the beginning of the game you have a help that tells you the channel number that corresponds to the image you have to tune, you will go much faster. - Anom is learning, each level you earn will become more intelligent an