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Foxeng is a very addictive and entertaining game. Get ready to dodge, shoot and destroy enemies. Game instructions: - Move from left to right, up, down or diagonal. - Shoot to destroy the enemies. - Dodge the projectiles of the enemies. - Good luck and get a lot of points. - You have to destroy all the enemies of the screen, to move to the next screen and so on, has four different screens, when you get past the last screen, you have achieved a phase. - You have ten green flags, every time you get a phase, you eliminate a green flag, until you get to eliminate the 10 green flags, once all the green flags have been removed, you will get a red flag. - Be careful once a bullet hits you, you'll have to start from the beginning. - The enemies will not be able to pass of the half of the screen and your ship either. Characteristics of the game: - Unlimited levels. - Movement virtual joystick, left, right, up, down and diagonal. - Music button,