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Choc-Choc is a very addictive and entertaining game. Get ready to shoot and destroy the other vehicles. GAME INSTRUCTIONS: - Select the vehicle color you want to play with (red, yellow, orange and blue). - Drive the vehicle along the tracks, but you can only drive when you are at the intersections. - Press the shutter button to remove the other vehicles. - When frontally collided with other vehicles, colliding vehicles will change direction. - You can only destroy the other vehicles, when your projectile reaches the back of the other vehicles - When you miss the projectiles, you will lose the game. - When you reach the projectiles of the other vehicles, you will lose the game. GAME CHARACTERISTICS: - Unlimited levels. - Four colors of cars to choose. - portrait, protrait flipped, landscape and flipped landscape. - Music on / off button. - Button on / off sound effects. - Restore initial values ​​button. - Action game with exciting soun