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Alarms is a very addictive and entertaining game. Prepare to deactivate alarms according to their order of importance. Game instructions: - Touch the alarms according to their order, first red, yellow and green. - Alarms will be deactivated by touching in the order of importance (red, yellow and green). - First deactivate all the red alarms, when you have deactivated all the red alarms, you can deactivate the yellow alarms and finally the green alarms. - Do not deactivate the alarms, as long as there is a more important alarm, remember the order of colors. - If you touch a green or yellow alarm and there is a red alarm, you will lose 10 seconds, be careful not to make a mistake or you will lose seconds. - To pass the level there are two options, you deactivate all the alarms or you take at least 50% of hits, once the time is over. - When the alarms are activated you have a time, when that time passes, the alarms will be deactivated, you will notice when they bli