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2017 is a very addictive and entertaining game. Get ready to destroy the planes and do not destroy yourself and get missions. Game instructions: - Move around the screen to steer your plane, dodge planes, missiles, anti-aircraft missiles, islands, etc. - Get the power out, to have another ship at your side to destroy planes, (you can have at most two planes help, left and right, (you will have more bursts of fire). - Three different types of fire and two missiles, one of them is guided for submarines and ships and the other is not guided, (but do not waste your ammunition because you can not replace it). Each shot has a different strength to finish off the final boss and different score for the boss and airplanes depends on which one you use. - Watch out for islands not collisions because you will lose life and with anti-aircraft missiles that shoot you from the ground. - Beware of submarines and anti-aircraft missiles that shoot you from the sub