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Ants is a very addictive and entertaining game. Get ready to prevent the ants from stealing food from your plate. Game instructions: - Prevents the ants from eating the food on the plate. - When the red ants come out looking for food, you can touch them on the head to eliminate them and get time, but when they have caught food, the red ants will change for green ants. - Touch the red ants to eliminate them and get points and extra 5 seconds, but to the red ants, you can only eliminate them if you touch them on the head. - Touch the green ants to eliminate them and get points and 3 extra seconds and also drop the food where you have eliminated them. - When the green ants take the food to your anthill and you are not able to eliminate them, you will lose 1 to 3 seconds of the time. - Avoid running out of time or the game will end, get time eliminating the red and green ants. - Avoid running out of food or the game will end. - Get the highest score possible.