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Glutton is a very addictive and entertaining game. Get ready to take the same color foods and avoid those that are not the same color. Game instructions: - Move from left to right and take the foods of the same color as glutton. - Avoid taking food other than the color of glutton you will lose. - Avoid that you escape some food of the color of glutton or you will lose. ----- Game with gravity ----- - The same theme as the levels of difficulty, glutton without gravity. - Now you will have to avoid the glutton colliding with the mountains, for this you will have to press the gravity button and not touch the top edge of the screen or you will lose. - Get the highest score. - Game features: - Six difficulty levels - Three buttons of movement, left, right and jump. - Three levels of difficulty with glutton without gravity. - Three difficulty levels with glutton with gravity. - Six different types of food (balls, candies, chocolates, bones, cookies and eggs