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Arrows is a very addictive and entertaining game.

Prepare to place the arrows in the indicated direction (Up, Down, Left and Right).

Game instructions:
- Three arrows will be placed on the bottom side (randomly), indicating the meaning that you have to place the dates that fall. - Senses: Up, Down, Left and Right. - When the arrows begin to fall, you will have to press on the arrows to change the direction and place them in the direction indicated by the arrow below. - When the falling arrow is exceeded, with the arrow that tells you the sense that you have to place the arrow that falls and is correct, you will get points. - Game to a single failure, the moment you make an error in an arrow, the game will be over. - Game by time, you will have to draw at least 50 percent or more to pass the level.

Game features:
- Two game modes, a single failure and time. - Unlimited levels, in game mode with time. - Game to a fault, what you take to be wrong. - Three colors of arrows. - Action game with exc…