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Skeletons is a very addictive and entertaining game. Get ready to avoid the zombies and catch them with the rope. Game instructions: - Move from left to right and from top to bottom. - Avoid being touched by zombies. - Avoid touching the zombies to your partner. - When you touch the button of the shield, you will create a bonfire to protect your companion, that will last 3 seconds, you have three protections, but you can get more, take the skeletons and when you reach 5, you will get one more shield, as long as you have less of three. - Press the shield button to protect your partner and you, it will only work in the easy game mode, in the difficult game mode you will not be able to protect yourself with the shield, as long as you are in your radio action, but if your partner which is immobile. - When you create the bonfire around your companion you will turn the zombies into skeletons, but hurry because you only have 5 seconds to catch them, if you do not