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Knives is a very addictive and entertaining game. Prepare to throw the knives and nail them to the mobile targets. Game instructions: - Throw knives against mobile targets. - Throw the knives against the apples, to get many apples. - Avoid throwing knives against your knives and other knives that hit the target. - You will have to nail the number of knives indicated by the game to pass the level. - When you collide with a knife of yours or another that hits the target, you will have to start over. - Be alert to the target, because the target can change direction and reduce or increase its speed. - When you exceed 100 levels, you can use the trash can button to erase those levels and the game will change and create other levels with another difficulty or you can continue playing and go adding levels, you decide. - Attentive to knives, knives have different launch speeds. Game features: - Unlimited levels. - 5000 combinations of levels and difficulty