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Birds is a very addictive and entertaining game. Get ready to play the birds and get 50% success to pass the level. GAME INSTRUCTIONS: - Touch the birds to eliminate them. - There is a dog that goes from side to side, when you touch a bird, the bird will fall, if the dog collides with the bird, you will get three more seconds of time, as long as you do not have more than 100 seconds. - Touch the birds, the more you touch, the more chances you have to pass the level. - You must achieve, at least 50% correct, to pass the level. - You can configure the game, it has two modes, touch the settings button to change it. 1. The first, which is configured by default, touch the birds and will not tell you an error when you fail and do not touch them. 2. The second, that you can change it in the settings button, touch the birds and tell you an error when you fail and do not touch them, the five errors you will lose and the game will end. - You have 100 seconds to get to t