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Spiders is a very addictive and entertaining game. Prepare to destroy the spiders and prevent them from eating the flowers. Game instructions: - The spiders will descend from the tree, to eat your flowers. - Touch the spiders when they are going down, to destroy them. - Do not touch the spiders when they are climbing or you will lose time. - Spiders will not always eat the flowers, but you must destroy as many spiders as possible, to pass the level, to pass the level you will have to take more than 50%. - When the spiders eat the flowers, a flag will appear indicating that they have eaten a flower and will also change the size of the flower, when they can not eat more flowers, the flower will blink. - On the right side of the screen, you have a board that will tell you, all the statistics of successes and failures. Game features: - Unlimited levels. - Random time by level. - Five types of spiders. - Bookmark with statistics in real time. - Day and ni