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Shoot Zombies

Shoot Zombies is a very addictive and entertaining game. Get ready to aim and shoot fireballs at zombies to destroy them. Game instructions: - Aim with the sight and when you have located the target, hit the shoot button on your device and shoot the fireball. - Fireballs have a life span of 6 seconds, after this time the fireball will be destroyed. - There are five types of zombies, some are protected by a box and the only way to eliminate them is by giving them back or ahead that does not cover the box. - You have 8 balls of fire, to eliminate the zombies. - When you spend all the fireballs and you have not been able to eliminate all the zombies, the game is over. - When you start the level you will have 3000 points, if the points reach zero and there is some zombie in the level, the game will end. - When you eliminate all zombies, you will pass the level and depending on the points obtained, you will get one to three stars, depending on your speed. - Buna luck and eliminate all zomb