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Children Puzzle

Children Puzzle is a very addictive and entertaining game. Prepare to place the tiles in the puzzle. Game instructions: - Select the puzzle pot of the puzzle that you like the most. - You will have to select the card and take it to the corresponding board place. - If you release the tile of the puzzle, the tile will return to its place. - If you put the tile of the puzzle in another place that does not belong to you, the chip will return to its place and tell you a fault, after five failures, you will have to start over. - If you put the tile of the puzzle in the right place, I will tell you a hit. - You have three game modes (Easy, Medium and Hard.) - Easy: In the easy mode, there will be a few squares of different colors flashing, so you know where the card goes and where you have to put it. - Medium: Same as the easy mode but this time the pieces of the puzzle can rotate. -Difficult: Same as the average mode, but you will not have the help of the