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Oubac is a very addictive and entertaining game. Get ready to dodge submarine torpedoes and shoot marine charges to destroy submarines. Game instructions: - Move from left to right, firing marine charges to destroy the submarines. - Avoid the submarine torpedoes, because as they touch you will lose a life. - Do not abuses shooting marine charges or you will not be able to shoot, because every time you shoot, it will take three seconds to recover. - Do not touch the edges of the screen with the boat, or you will not be able to shoot, depending on which side you touch you will not be able to shoot on that side you are touching. - Destroy submarines with marine charges to make many points. - You have 100 seconds per level. Characteristics of the game: - Unlimited levels. - Trash button, reset game to its original state - Landscape and Landscape flipped. - Change from day to night and vice versa. - Action game with exciting explosions, sounds and catchy m