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Square is a very addictive and entertaining game. Prepare to fit the pictures and get up to the top by making a checkered tower. Game instructions: - When the game starts, the tiles will begin to move from left to right, touch any part of the screen to stop it, once stopped another box will be created and you will have to stop in the same position as the previous one and so on until you reach the top . - When you get up, you will start another level and the speed of the pictures will increase. - Be careful with the time, for the picture before the time runs out or if you will not lose. - You have three game modes, three squares, two squares and one. - You can also change the duration time, default is 5 seconds, but you can choose 3 or 7 seconds as you decide. - Buna luck and test your reflexes. Characteristics of the game: - Unlimited levels. - Automatic saving of hi-Score and level by game modality. - Time setting (3, 5, 7 seconds). - Ena