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Agor is a very addictive and entertaining game. Get ready to handle your interstellar crane and destroy the Martians. Game instructions: - Move your interstellar crane from top to bottom and from left to right. - The crane fires automatically. - When the time runs out, you will have to take 50% or more to pass the level. - The Martians will come out of the ends of the screen. - The duration of time, will not be the same, in each level. - Aim with the crane to destroy the Martians. Game features: - Unlimited levels - Two types of game (straight shot or with parabola). - Choose the type of bricks, a color or multicolor. - Type of fixed or random ammunition both in size and color. - Auto saved levels in each game. - Music button, on or off. - Sound effects button, on or off. - Delete button (returning the game to its initial state). - Landscape, Landscape flipped, Portrait and Portrait flipped. - Action game with exciting sounds, animations an