Alarms is a very addictive and entertaining game.

Prepare to deactivate alarms according to their order of importance.

Game instructions:
- Touch the alarms according to their order, first red, yellow and green.
- Alarms will be deactivated by touching in the order of importance (red, yellow and green).
- First deactivate all the red alarms, when you have deactivated all the red alarms, you can deactivate the yellow alarms and finally the green alarms.
- Do not deactivate the alarms, as long as there is a more important alarm, remember the order of colors.
- If you touch a green or yellow alarm and there is a red alarm, you will lose 10 seconds, be careful not to make a mistake or you will lose seconds.
- To pass the level there are two options, you deactivate all the alarms or you take at least 50% of hits, once the time is over.
- When the alarms are activated you have a time, when that time passes, the alarms will be deactivated, you will notice when they blink, when that time passes, the alarms will be activated again, but in another location on the screen, (but pruning them Deactivate alarms too, even if they are flashing.
- You have 100 seconds, once finished the 100 seconds and you have achieved at least 50% of successes level passes, remember that you can also pass deactivating all the alarms, although the time has not finished.
- Each time you pass the level, an alarm will be generated more by importance, bony by color.

Game features:
- 70 levels (although you reach 70 levels you can continue playing, but no more alarms will be created.
- 210 alarms to deactivate in the last level.
- Three colors of alarms (red, yellow and green).
- Music button, on or off.
- Time bar.
- Action game with exciting sounds, animations and catchy music.

Alarms Google Play.

Alarms Amazon.


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