Geometry Figures

Geometry Figures is a very addictive and entertaining game.

Test your reflexes and speed with this simple and fun game of figures.
To play you just need mental agility and use your fingers to follow the sequence. Geometry Figures is extremely addictive and will surely be one of your favorite games.

Game instructions:
- Touch the button of the figure in the order of the sequence.
- Do not make mistakes in the sequence or you will lose.
- Avoid that the figures touch the line of death or you will lose.
- You have three bombs for the destruction of the figures, not the bad ones, because you can only use three per game.
- Each level you pass the game will be complicated and the death line will rise faster.
- When you pass the level number 15, it becomes even more complicated, the buttons of the figures, in each level will change.
- In each level you will have to destroy a certain number of figures and in each level you overcome, it will increase.
You can get more bombs by touching the button of the basket, but you can only get three per game.

Game features:
- Unlimited levels.
- Four figures.
- Four buttons to destroy the figures.
- Three bombs per game.
- Dead line.
- Action game with exciting sounds, animations and catchy music.

Geometry Figures Google Play.


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