Ourash is a very addictive and entertaining game.

Prepare to destroy the chips that are falling.

Game instructions:
- When the countdown is finished, chips will start to fall down the top with a value that goes from one to six.
- As the chips appear, you will have to touch the button located below with the number that corresponds to the chip that is falling.
- Do not make mistakes with the button when you press, because if you touch a button and the file is not on the screen, you will lose.
- When the chips fall and collide with the bottom button, you will make a mistake and lose the third fault.
- You will start with the easy level, when you reach or exceed 150 seconds, you will unlock the average level and so with the difficult level.
 Easy level:
  Buttons placed in order and the chips fall where the button is located.
Medium level:
  Uneven buttons and tabs fall where the button is located.
Difficult level:
  Disordered buttons and the chips fall in any position on the buttons at the bottom.

Game features:
- Unlimited levels.
- Three types of levels (easy, medium and difficult).
- Six types of chips, from one to six.
- Different Hi-scores due to difficulty and number of levels.
- Music button, on or off.
- Sound effects button, on or off.
- Delete button (returning the game to its initial state).
- Action game with exciting sounds, animations and catchy music.

Ourash Google Play.

Ourash  Amazon.


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