Ela Says

Ela Says is a very addictive and entertaining game.

Prepare to look at the lights and try to repeat the sequence.

Game instructions:
Ela says, memory game, consists of four colors.
- Ela says a color and you will have to repeat it, so on, each round will increase a color having to repeat the sequence of colors without failing and without you running out of response time.
- Three levels of difficulty, having to memorize at least 25 colors of the easy level, to unlock the medium level and thus with the difficult level, having to memorize at least 25 colors of the medium level, to unlock in difficult level.
- Each level will become more complicated, changing the response time and being the sequence of colors faster.

Game features:
- Three levels of difficulty (easy, medium and difficult).
- Easy, response time 3 seconds and slow sequence.
- Medium, response time 2 seconds and faster sequence.
- Difficult, response time 1 seconds and much faster sequence.
- Auto saved highest score per level.
- Music button, on or off.
- Sound effects button, on or off.
- Delete button (returning the game to its initial state).
- Action game with exciting sounds, animations and catchy music.
- Good luck and Memorize the sequence of colors and repeat it as far as you remember.

Ela Says Google Play.

Ela Says Amazon.


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