Earth is a very addictive and entertaining game.

Get ready to put the products in the garbage can and recycle them.

Game instructions:
- Earth, in the game with a planet earth, touches the screen in the middle of the earth to turn the cube to one side or the other.
- Earth, in the game with two planets earth touches the screen by half of the planets lands to rotate the cube of each planet earth.
- Try to put all the garbage to recycle it, otherwise you will lose points and a life.
- When trees come out, avoid putting them in the bucket or you will lose points and a life.
- When the trees touch the earth you will get a life and points.
- Prevent garbage from touching the earth or you will lose points and a life.
- as the lives of the planet earth will be darkened and vice versa when the trees touch the earth, it will become clearer.

Game features:
- Two game modes, with one planet and two planets.
- Ten lives per game.
- Sixteen junk objects.
- Trees to save the land from garbage.
- Auto save highest score, by game type.
- Music button, on or off.
- Sound effects button, on or off.
- Delete button (returning the game to its initial state).
- Action game with exciting sounds, animations and catchy music.
- Good luck and save the planet by recycling the garbage.

Television Google Play.

Television Amazon.


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