Racecourse is a very addictive and entertaining game.

Whenever parties come to your neighborhood, you want to play, because with a racetrack you can play as many times as you want.

Game instructions:
- Select a horse from the three available.
- Touch the ball you want to throw to the board and the ball will be positioned to be thrown, once positioned, an arrow will turn from side to side, touch the ball to choose the direction, once you have chosen the direction you will get the force bar , touch the ball to choose the force.
- try to insert the ball into the yellow, red and blue holes.
- It depends on the color where you insert the ball, your horse will run more or less.
- Avoid putting the ball in the white hole, because your horse will not run.
- Be quick, to win the race.

Game Features:
- Three colors of horses to choose.
- Eight boards to play, all different.
- Four colors of different holes.
- Each board will keep your lost or earned runs.
- Activate and deactivate the music, to your liking.
- Turn on and off sound effects, to your liking.
- Erase earned and lost runs.
- Action game with exciting sounds, effects and catchy music.

Racecourse Google Play.

Racecourse Amazon.


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