Insects is a very addictive and entertaining game.

Get ready to aim and shoot, because a lot of insects are going to attack you.

Game instructions:

- touch the screen of your device and where you touch there will go the laser.

- You start with the central cannon that is the most powerful and destroys more insects with its blast wave.

- You have 4 more guns, to use them you need, to get at least the amount of money of 1000 and you will be able to choose the cannon that you want to use and the ammunition also that you want to use.

- you have a time bar that will decrease as the game progresses, when the time bar reaches zero, will pass level.

- Each time you go through levels, new insects will appear.

- You have a health bar, prevents the insects from touching the platform of the cannons or you will lose life and when the life bar reaches zero the game will end.

Characteristics of the game:
- Unlimited levels.
- Time bar.
- Life bar.
- Five guns.
- Five types of ammunition.
- Ten types of insects.
- You can configure the difficulty of the game to your liking, (speed of the laser of the 5 guns, the interval of appearance of the insects and speed of the insects).
You also have three buttons that will set the values of lasers speed, insect appearance and insect speed automatically and randomly or manually.
- Turn off music or turn the music volume to your liking.
- Turn off sound effects or put taste sound effects.
- Saved hi-score and automatic level number.
- Delete the Hi-Score and set the level number to 1.
- Reset the game to its original configuration.
- Action game with exciting sounds, explosions and catchy music.

Insects Google Play.

Insects Amazon.


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