Space Candy

Space Candy is a very addictive and entertaining game.

Prepare to collide with the candy, dodge the laser and balls.

Game instructions:
- Turn from left to right, to collide with the candy.
- Each time you miss the candy you will lose 2 seconds, every time you hit a candy you will get 2 seconds more, as long as you have less than 100 of time.
- Dodge the balls and the laser or you will lose life, if you lose all the life you will lose a life.
- You have 100 seconds to get 50% collisions with the candy to pass level, if you run out of time and you do not get at least 50% you will lose a life.
- Set the speed of rotation of the ship in options, you have 6 speeds to choose from.
- Move the ship to dodge or pick up the candy with the arrow keys (automatically or manually).
- Set whether you want the ship to automatically turn from side to side, each time you touch the arrow keys (automatically).
- Set whether you want the ship to rotate only when you press the arrow keys (manual).

Characteristics of the game:
- Two buttons to move the ship (left and right).
- Button off and on the music.
- Sound effect off and on button.
- Unlimited levels.
- 6 different types of candies.
- Save settings automatically.
- Level saving automatically.
- Life bar.
- Time bar.
- Play with exciting sounds, catchy music and special effects.

Space Candy Google Play.

Space Candy Amazon.


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