Zones is a very addictive and entertaining game.

Be prepared to move the bar and place the balls in the zones.

Game instructions:

- You must place the balls of the same color, in an area, indistinctly on the side.
- Swipe the bar with your finger to let in or block the balls.
- You can play with time or without time, when you play with time, you can configure it to your liking, with 6 times to choose.
- you can set the speed of the balls too, with 3 types of speed.
- You have 9 levels to choose from, changing the number of balls and the bar to slide.

Characteristics of the game:

- Nine levels of difficulty.
- Two types of balls, yellow and green.
- three types of bar to move.
- indicators of time, numerical and time bar.
- Four panels indicating the balls you have in each zone.
- Action game with exciting sounds and catchy music.

Zones Google Play.

Zones Amazon.


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