Zombies is a very addictive and entertaining game.

Get ready to dodge the zombies or eliminate them and get the key.

Game instructions:
- You will have to take the key to be able to pass the level, but the key has been buried, it will not be visible, you will have to cross the whole level to find it.
- Once you get the key, you will have to find the door that gives you access to the next level, you have 6 doors, only one of them will give you access to the level.
- Avoid the zombies or eliminate them, with your pistol, you can get another pistol faster, but the pistol can be anywhere in the castle, or under the bushes or trees, and do not touch any zombie, because you lose And you will return with the pistol slower.
- Get more powerful ammo to eliminate the zombies, with only one shot you eliminate them, but do not touch any zombies, because you will return with the ammunition you had before, and the ammunition is not so powerful you will need four shots to eliminate Any zombies.
- When you get the gun or the ammo, do not touch the zombies because you will lose both the gun and the ammunition and until you do not level, you can not get another gun or ammunition.
- Watch out for zombies because each one has a speed, and attack strength, depending on who touches you, will take more life or less.
- Be careful when they touch you, they will have you caught and it will cost you to let go.
- Be alert because when a crow rings, there will be another zombie in the castle.
- Some zombies will not be able to see you when you get under a tree.

Characteristics of the game:
- Movement 8 directions.
- pause button.
- 6 zombies.
- Two types of ammunition.
- Two types of pistol.
- Settings menu to enable or disable music or sound effects.
- Unlimited levels.
- Action game with exciting sounds, animations and music.
- portrait, landscape, portrait flipped, portrait landscape.

Zombies Google Play.

Zombies Amazon.


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