Rotate is a very addictive and entertaining game.

Get ready to touch the screen and go up the ball to the finish line.

Game instructions:
- Touch the screen to go up the ball.
- Each time you touch the screen, the ball will rise, if you do not touch the screen, the ball will go out by gravity and you will lose.
- Avoid clashing with the part of the circles, which are not the same color as your ball.
- Be aware, whenever you collide with the smallest circle, containing the four colors, your ball color could change.
- Avoid clashing with any blade, it does not matter what ball color you have.
- Stay tuned to the color of the ball you have, only to hit the color of the ball, otherwise you will lose.
- As you go forward, puntuaras and whenever you collide with the stars that are inside the circles or when passing the blades.
- Buna luck and you reach the goal.

Characteristics of the game:
- Unlimited levels.
- Four colors of balls.
- Two designs of different circles.
- Two sizes of circles.
- direction of rotation left and right.
- Circles united.
- Circles one inside another.
- Music button, on or off.
- Action game with exciting sounds, animations and catchy music.

Rotate Google Play.

Rotate Amazon.


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