Pedestrians is a very addictive and entertaining game.

Get ready to help the characters cross the roads and not touch the cars.

Game instructions:

-Pull the characters to advance and cross the road.

- Avoid colliding with any part of the vehicles, or you will lose your pedestrians.
- It is fast crossing the pedestrians, because you have 100 seconds to cross all the roads (time bar above in the markers).
- Above, there is a marker that indicates the pedestrians you have to cross.
- Be careful with the trucks and the bikes because they go faster, because you have to make the deal.
- Not all characters have the same speed:
  --- The male characters go faster.
  --- The female characters go a little slower.
  --- The older person goes even slower.
- At the moment you do not have pedestrians to help you cross the roads, which indicates the marker above, the game will end.

Characteristics of the game:

- 8 pedestrians.

- 16 cars.
- 2 bikes.
- 2 trucks.
- 2 simple roads.
- 2 double roads.
- Action game with exciting sounds and animations.

Pedestrians Google Play.

Pedestrians Amazon.


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