Chips is a very addictive and entertaining game.

Get ready to play the chips you have chosen.

Game instructions:
- Choose a color of chip and be quick to touch your chip.
- You will have to touch your token and touch it as fast as possible, to pass of level.
- Only touch the chosen color, if you touch another color will finish the game.
- You have a time to play your chip / s, if the time runs out and you do not touch the chip (s) chosen, the game will end.
- Be aware that the / s tabs have two sizes.
- Every ten levels exceeded, the game will self-save.

Characteristics of the game:
- 100 levels.
- 10 color chips.
- Two types of chip sizes.
- You have some time to play the selected chip / s, as you go beyond the levels, you will increase the time and the chips.
Good luck and be quick playing the chips.

Chips Google Play.

Chips Amazon.


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