Chinese is a very addictive and entertaining game.

Get ready to hit how many Chinese there are in total.

Game instructions:

- Chinese, it is a question of guessing the Chinese that there are total of all the players
- Touch the button of the fist, to choose the Chinese that you want to choose in your hand.
- The other players will also choose the Chinese who want to choose.
- Touch the button of the hand, to open the hands and to know how many Chinese there were in the round, the one that calculates the total number, will adjudge a point.
- You can configure the points of each set.
- The game consists of three set and with the score that you set.
- You have to win at least two sets, to be the winner of the Chinese competition.

Characteristics of the game:

- Two Set.
- Set the score of the set.
- Eight players including yourself.
- Music activation buttons.

- Play with exciting sounds, animations and catchy music.

Chinese Google Play.

Chinese Amazon.


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